Checklist for New Parents
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Checklist for New Parents

Becoming new parents is one of the most exciting things that can ever happen in your life. But it can be quite tricky particularly if you’re not ready. You have to be all set in all life aspects including your career and finance, physical health, and your relationship with God. Maybe, you’ve researched, attended lessons with a life coach to help with your new role, and given birth. So, now what? Do you know what to do next? Here’s a checklist for new parents that you can take into consideration.

How to Feed Your Baby?

Your first day as a new parent can be quite overwhelming. It’s normal to feel that way. But don’t ever feel upset if you can’t do things right immediately. But the first thing you have to know is how to feed your baby. As a mother, you can breastfeed or give formula milk. And you have to learn how to do it right. It’s one of the most important things you have to do as soon as your baby wakes up. If you’re the father, give your full support to your wife.

There’s No Schedule

You don’t have to follow a particular schedule with your baby as your baby will cry any time of the day because he/she’s hungry or he/she pooped and you have to change his/her Nappies as he/she can’t go the bathroom yet. Don’t try to force yourself to stick with a routine, it will just stress out of you.

Take Time to Know Your Baby

The first 24 hours are critical for you and your baby. He/she will just be sleeping, eating, pooping, and peeing every single day. And you have to take time to know your baby. Concentrate on these things and you will be happy and at ease. For some parents, it comes out naturally, and if you’re one of them, you’re lucky.

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Baby Essentials

Get essentials for your baby, and you have to do it before your baby arrives like a crib with mattress, baby drawer, baby clothing, bath and grooming items, feeding items, etc. For baby clothing, you don’t need much as your baby will outgrow them in no time. But if you’re planning to have yet another baby in the next few years, it’s okay to get more. You have to get a bag that you can carry when you go out to travel or visit the hospital for a check-up.

Know What to Do

Know what to do in your baby’s first few months like reading a storybook to your baby, taking pictures and videos, talking to your medical doctor about when you will introduce solid food to your baby, encouraging your baby to crawl, and the list goes on. Record every milestone and keep it in a scrapbook or photo album.

Apart from this list, you can consider getting insurance for your baby. Fill out and submit the paperwork ahead of time. Secure your baby’s future, and avoid paying for unexpected expenses. Remember, anything can happen anytime. Get long-term insurance that will last until your child’s grown.