How to Buy Orthotic Footwear
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How to Buy Orthotic Footwear

Orthotic footwear refers to shoes made specifically for those who have foot problems or disabilities relating to their foot. But if you have never bought orthotic shoes before, how do you know which one is the right one for you? Take a look at the following tips to see how you can find your shoes and ensure they are the best choice for you.

Price and Brand are Not Everything

Remember that there are many ‘branded’ products on the market but they are not always the best choice for you. The same goes for the price. We are often under the assumption that when it comes to special needs or inclusive attire, higher prices mean high quality.

But this is not true. So instead of going for known brands or larger prices, prioritize your comfort when choosing. As long as the shoes have a good finish and quality and above all, feel good on your feet when you wear them, those shoes are good for you.

Right Fit

Just like buying any other shoe, you need to find a pair of shoes with the right fit. A good pair of shoes should have enough space and depth inside to fit both your shoe and the orthotic. So, when you are shopping make sure to bring the orthotic with you. This would allow you to try on the shoes and see if it is the right fit and if you can fit your feet and orthotic comfortably inside the shoe. Right fit also means choosing a pair of shoes that matches the shape of your feet.

Try the Size

Instead of buying a pair in your normal size without a second thought, take your time to try out the shoes. Another mistake commonly done with choosing orthotic-friendly shoes is most people buy the size of their normal footwear. What you can do instead is start from that size to try on the shoes. Your normal shoe size may not be the size for your orthotic shoes. Therefore, trying on is essential instead of buying from instinct.

Different Brands

There may be certain brand names that are recommended to you but try to keep an open mind when shopping. Instead of sticking to just one brand, try different ones. Each brand has different designs and styles. So, try out to see which one is the most comfortable for you. You don’t have to try too hard or try every style. Just test your feet in a couple of styles that look good to you.

Look for Shoes Made Especially for Your Problem

There are certain foot problems that would require special shoes. For example, feet with high arches and stiff ankles will benefit more from a pair of shoes that have good cushioning. This is because they can avoid and minimize the risk of injury when your foot hits the ground.  Similarly, some conditions would require shoes with a wider toe area. You can look for these designs specifically when shopping.

Unlike the everyday shoe we wear, orthotic shoes have more than one purpose. So, make sure to choose the most comfortable ones that can give you the maximum support.