How to Decorate Your Home with Framed Pictures and Collages?
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How to Decorate Your Home with Framed Pictures and Collages?

When it comes to home décor, a little creativity goes a long way. When we use our imagination, we’d end up decorating our home in a unique way, that is also a reflection of our personality and taste and most of all, we could be in control of the amount of money we spend on these home décors. We could even try and DIY our décor using things we already have at home or we could buy second-hand and just repurpose or refurbish.

One of the basic home décors that we will always see in almost every home is pictures and paintings.

Photo Gallery

One of the ways you could spruce up a blank wall is by displaying your photos in a photo gallery. You could order large picture frames online and arrange your most treasured photos to decorate a blank wall. You could mix and match the frames and even hang 3d objects to provide a different aesthetic. Just remember though that even if you are mixing and matching, just follow a certain theme so as not to overwhelm the arrangement and for all the displays to complement one another.

Glass panes preserved

If you have been preserving the flowers that you have been receiving, give them a new life and not just within the confines of the book where you kept them. You could display them in two panes of glass, frame them then display them. This would certainly be a unique décor and could even be a focal point of conversation when you have guests. Relieve the good memories you have when you tell them the story of the reason why you received the flowers.

Personalize your workspace

When you have your workspace or home office, you could personalize it using picture frames and not just displaying your photos and of your loved ones. You could print and put up an inspiring quote or purchase a poster or digital art that you love and put them in a frame.

You could even use the glass as sort of a notice board by writing your notes using a non-permanent marker and just wiping it off using a wet wipe when you need to write a new one. You could also print a bible verse or passage or a quote from a favorite book to display on your work desk.

Frame 3d objects

You could also frame 3d objects that you want to display and protect from dust and fading because of the elements. You could display the keys of the homes you previously owned or signed baseball cards or postcards of places you have been to. When you frame your collections, not only will they be proudly displayed in your home, but the glass would also serve as protection. With this, your precious memories and collection would not be rotting inside a box.

The possibilities of decorating using picture frames are endless! You could get a lot of inspiration from social media, blogs, forums, e-zines, discount centers, etc. All you need is creativity and a fresher perspective when looking at the frames.