Men’s Pyjama Buying Guide – Sleep Is Not for the Weak!
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Men’s Pyjama Buying Guide – Sleep Is Not for the Weak!

I’m sure you’ve heard of the phrase “Sleep is for the Weak”. This phrase is completely being used out of context. What this phrase should say is “Excess Sleep is for the Weak”. An average human should at least sleep for 7 hours in order to operate at maximum efficiency.

Sleeping well has numerous benefits for us and it helps reset the mind to start a new day. There are certain things to do to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep and believe it or not wearing a comfy pair of pyjamas also contributes. How does this help? Let’s find out.

How Can A Comfy Pair of Pyjamas Help You Sleep?

All of us have something called a body clock which is our internal sense of time. Our sleep is controlled by this internal clock and this clock set a routine which we get used to. If we stay up late then our internal clocks record this and let you stay up and then once you are used to this even if you want to fall asleep early you find it hard.

Sleep routines can be programmed by certain activities like changing out of your casual or work clothes into your pyjamas, taking a shower, or listening to music.

Getting into a pair of pyjamas gives a feeling of comfort and apart from this it also helps in thermoregulation. Therefore, when picking your pyjamas, you need to first know what factors affect your core temperature.

Different people have different factors that affect their core temperature. This is why you can find some people sleeping with a blanket while someone else in the same rooms barely has any clothing on.

Things to Consider When Pyjama Shopping

Let’s look at a few things to consider when buying men’s pajama pants, tops or sets.


This is definitely the most important thing when it comes to pyjama shopping because this is what ensures the comfort thermoregulation which in turn helps you to drift into your world of dreams.

There are various types of materials being used to make pyjamas,

  • Cotton – Cotton is my favourite choice because the material is easy to breathe, durable and very easy to launder.
  • Flannel – Flannel is also made from cotton, but some flannel uses wool too. It provides the best warmth out of all types of materials.
  • Polyester – This synthetic material is an affordable alternative to natural fibres. It is definitely the easiest to maintain.


There are 3 main types of men’s pyjama designs,

  • Two-Piece Garment – With this type of pyjama you can mix and match the colours and designs but laundering will require more effort because both the top and pants might have different wash instructions.
  • Modern Pyjamas – These can be worn for activities other than sleeping as well. You’ll find people wearing modern pyjamas to run quick errands, lounge and even exercise.
  • Footed Pyjamas – Onesies are the epitome of comfort, but heat can be quite a problem depending on the season.


Apart from the material and the design, the other thing to consider is the season you are currently in. During summer you might want to invest in easy breathable light materials while during the winter you should go for heavy warm fabrics.

This is just a quick overview of what you must consider when pyjama shopping. There isn’t a list of rights and wrongs and the best type of pyjama is usually decided by trial and error.