Perfecting Your Corporate Gifting Strategy
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Perfecting Your Corporate Gifting Strategy

Giving gifts to your best potential customers can be a tricky business to deal with. Whether it is for the season’s greetings, festivities, or even a simple thank you gift, it’s important to have your gifting strategy game on that would in turn help boost your marketing strategy as well due to a healthy client relationship.

While it does cost time, effort and money, with sincerity and goodwill the process could be a worthy investment. Due to the presence of a professional relationship over a personal relationship between you and your client, selecting the perfect gift could be a hard and challenging process. However, with certain guidelines like the ones mentioned below, the task could be done without much hassle. 

Step 1: Check the gifting policy

There are certain clients who may have a no-gifting policy present in their own companies. Although this isn’t highly common, it’s always better to do your research and be safe than sorry. This is especially because it’s extremely crucial to respect company policies in order to maintain business relationships. Ensuring this helps you narrow down a successful list of clients you need to present gifts to. 

Step 2: Decide the budget

Most companies often assign the budget beforehand depending on the number of clients present on their gifting list. Therefore, having completed step 1, your whole strategic gifting plan starts right here. Without the awareness of the budget in hand, you cannot even begin to proceed further. If you’re looking for some amazing and budget-friendly gift hampers Melbourne has great options.

Step 3: Select your gift choice

There are so many options to select from, but when gifting a client, it’s important to keep a balance between professional and personal. The gift also depends on the occasion. Most often, however, companies tend to choose gourmet gift baskets with wine, rich chocolates and tea, coffee and other delicacies or eatables. Some of the other gifting choices could depend on the client’s interests or consist of quality office collectibles.

Step 4: Make it presentable

It’s important not to overdo the packaging or even underdo it. A corporate gift needs a sophisticated packaging look. The style of packaging is the first impression of your gift and therefore needs to be done with proper care. If the packaging lacks effort or neatness, its value and sincerity could be questioned. Therefore, always ensure the gifts look presentable and maintain their inner value.

Step 5: Add in a personal note

No matter the rise in technology, nothing can ever beat the sentiment of a handwritten message. This adds a sense of thoughtfulness and effort to the entire gift, not to mention a sweet yet simple personal touch that will not go unforgotten. Keep in mind that if you’re simply the one in charge of the gifting process, then the note should be written and signed off by those actually connected to the clients instead.

As long as you follow the steps mentioned above, you don’t have to worry about all the corporate gifting mishaps!