Tips To Organize The Funeral Of A Family Member
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Tips To Organize The Funeral Of A Family Member

Losing a loved one or family member can be possibly the worst experience in a person’s life. It hurts in a way that nothing else can compare. The pain is raw and deep. After all, that person who you cared for, who you spent so much time with, who you loved with all your heart is no longer there anymore. Their soul has bid this world goodbye, leaving just their body behind. And out of respect to the person they were and how much they meant to you,  it is up to you to organize their funeral.

Organizing a funeral is not difficult but it can be emotionally challenging as the pain will always be there and you will feel overwhelmed with emotions at times but as there is nothing really left to do, you just have to be brave and finish all the arrangements.

Report The Death To The Necessary Authorities

The first thing you need to do is report the death to the necessary authorities so you can receive the death certificate. Depending on the circumstances an autopsy may need to be carried out. If your loved one passed away in a hospital, usually the hospital staff will help you through the procedures to report their death. If they passed away elsewhere, you could always get in touch with Funeral directors to guide you or call the emergency services and report the death. Failure to report the death can result in fines which range from a thousand dollars in Western Australia to ten times that in South Australia or 2 years of imprisonment, so do not delay reporting the death.

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Withdraw Any Money From Their Bank Account

In case you intend to use your loved one’s money for the funeral, you may need to withdraw that amount as soon as you report the death. Once banks get notified of the death of the account holder they will freeze all the accounts until they are processed in probate. So while it is being processed you will not be able to access their money.

Hire A Funeral Service

In case you reported the death without using the help of a funeral director, you should then hire one. A funeral director can help you with not just in acquiring the death certificate but also in transporting the body, storing them, and arranging some parts of the funeral. They can also help you decide which type of funeral would suit you best. In case you want a private burial with only close relatives and friends, you could have one followed by a memorial service arranged by the funeral service.

Inform Family And Close Friends

You probably would have told others about the death of your loved one, it is also necessary that you inform them about where the funeral will take place and what type of service you arranged. Remember to inform all the people who mattered to your loved one. You may have certain personal differences with a few of them however set them aside and inform them. After all, your loved one would have wanted them and you to be there in their final moment with all of you.

In the end, it is difficult but be brave and do your best to give your loved one a funeral that is meaningful.